Nov. 5, 2020

Creating Your Soul Space with Denise Langan

#012: After downsizing and purging what didn't serve me and our family, I have been super interested in learning how to make sure the space around you is aiding in your growth and not blocking anything from your life.   

Denise is back this week to talk to us about how we can transform our spaces into an environment that works with us and for us. You can find Denise and her free Space Clearing Meditation at

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Kalia, The Spiritual Dog Mom
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Denise Langan Profile Photo

Denise Langan

Soul Space Creator

Denise is the soul space creator behind Imrama Space, an interior styling and feng shui studio dedicated to bringing women back to their soul home.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Denise has worked in an international interior styling company working on projects for 5 stars hotels such as Rosewood and Ritz-Carlton where she gained a great understanding of the impact a curated space on individuals.

Deeply interested in spirituality, Denise feels called to go on different soul journeys, ultimately bringing her to the beautiful city of Edinburgh. Imrama, meaning Journey to the unknown in Celtic, captures what Denise believes: interior design and feng shui are a gateway back to our soul and that when we are fully connected to our surroundings, we will feel deeply nourished and supported.