Light Above Solitude -- A podcast for the multifaceted soul.


Light Above Solitude (LAS) illuminates your path to self-discovery and growth on a soul level through mindset, holistic health, intentional living, and the exploration of elements and tools used in modern spirituality. 

This is a podcast for the womxn* who doesn’t feel safe to be completely authentic. I am here to tell you, you were born to stand out. I am ready to guide you out of solitude and into the light of hope, love, and freedom. 

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LAS's mission is to empower a movement of womxn*, especially those with multicultural backgrounds, loving and honoring every side of themselves through spiritual self-discovery and growth.

Everyone has the power to find their own unique light and path in the world, now it's your turn. So, let's get lit! 


About the Host

Kalia VQ Profile Photo

Kalia VQ

Kalia, aka The Spiritual Dog Mom, is a Petpreneur turned Podcaster. She identifies as a creative, intuitive, and life-long learner who is obsessed with growth and the magical synchronicities of life.

Being an unapologetic dog mom and avid animal lover led her to start her most recent business, Front Seat Ryder.

Front Seat Ryder's mission is to empower dog moms on their journey through depression. It quickly grew from a blog to a supportive community and mobile popup shop. Kalia’s shop helps fundraise for and support organizations aiding in animal advocacy, mental wellness, and community building.

Kalia’s podcast, Light Above Solitude, was created to illuminate the path of self-discovery and personal growth to empower and support women, especially those with multicultural/interracial backgrounds. She serves as an inspiration for others to stand brightly in their unique light, to love and honor every aspect of yourself, and live an authentic life.

*The term womxn is an alternative spelling of "woman" or "women". It is used to explicitly include transgender and nonbinary people.