July 13, 2021

Animal and child soul connections with Urmi Raval

#043: **WARNING: This episode may contain triggering content.** The bond between a child and their pets is truly an irreplaceable connection that seems to stick with one for a lifetime. But do the animals in our early years mold our current lives and reality? Today I have a good friend, Urmi Raval, on the show to explore our thoughts around childhood pets. She is currently considering adopting a dog or two into her family and we dive into some of our own childhood stories and experiences. 

Please check out and follow Urmi's podcast, Eternal Paradigm: https://www.eternalparadigm.com

A link to the Eternal Paradigm episode I was featured in: https://www.eternalparadigm.com/unapologetic-dog-mom-kalia-q/


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Kalia, The Spiritual Dog Mom
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Urmi Raval Profile Photo

Urmi Raval

Hypnotherapist & Creativity Coach

Urmi is a loving wife and mother of three. Among her many talents, she is the host and creator of the Eternal Paradigm podcast. Eternal Paradigm aims to uncover the reality of human experiences by exploring physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual stories.