Jan. 11, 2021

8 Amazing Podcast Tools and Resources for New Brand Podcasters

8 Amazing Podcast Tools and Resources for New Brand Podcasters

So, you have been thinking about what it would take to start a podcast! Good for you, the world needs to hear your story. 

When I started podcasting, I knew zero about the process. I had barely even started listening to podcasts myself. But after a little research, I started compiling all the tools I need. 

Here are some of the best podcasting tools and resources I personally use and recommend for those who want to start their own podcast! 



Podpage is the easiest way to set up a professional podcast website. Podpage is my absolute FAVORITE thing I discovered by accident when I started podcasting.

I heard about Podpage in a Facebook group and quickly signed up. In fact, I had this website up and running within 4 minutes of signing up! I can't believe how easy it is, plus the customer service is top-notch! The founder is always right there when you need him! 

Podpage allows you to focus on your content and not updating your website. Everything you need is automatically updated with your RSS Feed. This includes a new page for each episode you publish!




Anchor gets a lot of bad wrap, in my opinion. I do understand why. However, since I knew absolutely nothing about podcasting when I started, I didn't want to join a free trial or start a new account until I knew I wanted to be a podcaster.

Anchor gives you that option. It is a free podcasting platform. You are able to start your podcast with as little as your phone and something to say.



Streamyard is a great platform that was initially built to aid in live streaming into other platforms, such as Facebook and Youtube. However, the interface is extremely easy to use and makes a great platform for guest chats.

When you signup for the Pro version, you are able to create videos in "Record Only" mode, instead of choosing a live platform. From there, you are able to invite in guests and then download the video or audio after recording. It is extremely easy to host guests. 



Headliner is a simple-to-use platform that helps you create great-looking audiograms to share snippets of your episodes onto your social media accounts. You are able to create a post using your whole episode or just a clip. Here is an example of one of mine. 

Buy Me a Coffee

I run a membership as well as take supporter donations through the site Buy Me a Coffee. This has been an excellent way to give my listeners a way to connect further with my work. The platform is fantastic for any creator. You are able to connect to PayPal and Stripe as payment gateways. 



Calendly is a great hands-off way to schedule guest interviews or Meet and Greets. I have my Google calendar integrated and my allotted times available set in Calendly.

All my guests have to do is choose a time that works for them and they will be sent an email and instructions on our meeting. I even have it synced to my Zoom account so that they automatically receive my Zoom link in preparation for our chat. 


Simple Texting

Simple Texting is a great way to keep in touch with your listeners. Text marketing is the new email marketing. With text messages having a 98% open rate and conversion rates as high as 45%, you can't really go wrong!

I personally use Simple Texting for my membership. They get motivational text messages throughout the week to keep them shining their brightest! But there are many useful features to dive into such as polls, SMS Keywords, and text to wins.


I use MailerLite for all my email marketing needs. I find it to be the best for price and functionality. MailerLite is user-friendly and FREE up to your first 1,000 email subscribers (and allows 12,000 emails a monthly) making it a fantastic provider for a creative in the building stages of building an email following.