Feb. 23, 2021

Exploring generational planets and using Astrology to better understand your highest self with Tamara Brody

#028: To quote one of my favorite people, Will Smith said it best... "Parents just don't understand". But why?! What causes the "Generation Gap"? What if we had a way to relate to each other? A way to start seeing the strengths in each generation. Tamara Brody is here this week to shine a light on the importance of Astrology and how to use our generational planets to better relate to the people in our lives and to understand our highest self. 

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Tamara Ryan Brody Profile Photo

Tamara Ryan Brody

Artist and Spiritual Guide

Bachelor’s Degree: 1981, Communicative Disorders, University of Montana
Master’s Degree: 1989, Communication, University of Northern Colorado

As a military spouse who moved every 2-3 years from 1981 to 2002, I did a variety of jobs to include as a speech therapist, University Public Speaking Instructor, Aids Educator, Stress Management Instructor, Deaf Educator, Sign Language Instructor, and an Administrator for the United States Girls Scouts Overseas program.

I have owned 4 businesses to include communications consulting focusing on gender communication in the workplace, baby sign language, expressive arts, and Air BnB. I am currently an artist and Spiritual Guide using tarot, numerology, and astrology to help others connect with their Highest Selves and live their best lives. I also teach expressive arts and am a SoulCollage®, JourneyCircles™, and MoonCircles™ facilitator.

I have lived on the road traveling the country in an Airstream trailer for 5 years. We winter in Fl or CA and travel all over with a focus on Montana, Colorado, California, and the Pacific Northwest. I have one 30-year-old daughter who is a Marine Biologist and Underwater Filmmaker for an ocean conservation non-profit.