March 9, 2021

How to raise your vibration into authenticity with Abby Kurtz

#030: Everyone has bad days that put us in a funk. So how do we move forward out of that energy? It is all about filling our toolkit with ways to become aware and in control of our personal vibration. Abby Kurtz is here this week to chat about ways we can start raising our vibration to live in alignment with our soul's authenticity.  

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Abby Kurtz

Spiritual Guide

Abby lives in sunny California and has found her true purpose and calling is guiding people through their spiritual journey. She is here to teach, inspire, and lead people through movement medicine, energy activations, and conscious connections.

Abby is also the creator of the brand new podcast, The Potent Soul, which was created to assist you in harnessing your own unique, magnetic, and potent energy.