Oct. 15, 2020

Jobeth Glenday | Guest Stories | Journey out of childhood illness and Depression

#004: BONUS EPISODE: Guest Stories Segment. My chat with Jobeth Glenday about her journey with depression and how her animals have aided her in her healing and growth. 

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Kalia, The Spiritual Dog Mom
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Jobeth Glenday Profile Photo

Jobeth Glenday

Color Street Stylist

Jobeth Glenday is a military wife and mother to three beautiful humans. Jobeth has a full household as she is also currently Fur Mom to two dogs (Baer and Wolfie) and three kitties (Magnus, Starlight, and Sofia). On top of being a thriving entrepreneur and stylist for Color Street, Jobeth is a stellar example of support, encouragement, and empowerment to women across the country.