March 2, 2021

Living your life according to your Human Design with Brittany Strode

#029: Is there a best way for your body, mind, and soul to operate? And how can we start to uncover that and put it into daily practice? Your Human Design chart can help you become more aligned with the ways in which you were actually created to work, to live, and to be here on Earth. Everyone is created uniquely. It is time to take a deeper look into how you are wired. This week's guest, Brittany Strode is here to show us how to do just that. 

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Brittany Strode Profile Photo

Brittany Strode

Human Design Mentor

After burning out in the high-stress Architecture field, Britt knew there had to be a better way to live her life. After career shifts, a divorce, and hundreds of hours of personal development and healing, Britt stumbled upon Human Design, and everything (finally) clicked.

She could see her power, her confidence, and her purpose. It was inside her all along.

Now, she's bringing Human Design to her community as an accessible, understandable, and usable, transformational tool. She's not just teaching you the theory of Human Design. Britt wants you to actually use your Design to create a life that you're obsessed with, and one where you don’t settle for less than you deserve.

When she’s not teaching Human Design, you’ll find Britt with her husband and chihuahua traveling to some new location in their Van, or renovating their new house.

She’s a lover of vegan food and is always taking book suggestions.