Feb. 16, 2021

How to start making your mindset and habits work for you with Gila Kurtz

#027: Serial entrepreneur, Mindset Coach, and dog lover, Gila Kurtz is on the show this week to chat about how to start using your mindset and habits to your benefit. We are always manifesting the world around us, so where do we start in creating a life we truly want. Today we are talking about the foundation of everything we do, mindset and habits. 

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Gila Kurtz Profile Photo

Gila Kurtz

Co-founder of Dog Is Good, Author & Speaker

Gila Kurtz is a #1 international best selling author and serial entrepreneur who found her deepest passion for working with dogs and their people. Following a career in education, she built a successful dog training business and then co-founded the award-winning lifestyle brand for dog lovers, Dog is Good.

Along with her husband Jon, Gila took the brand from start-up to a seven-figure company which can be found in retailers across the US and is licensed by manufacturers, including Skechers Brand Shoes. She currently leads the DIG Direct division, a direct to community business concept that is changing lives, one dog a time.

She is the recipient of several business awards, including recognition as one of the top 25 women of influence in the pet industry and Women of the Year in the Women in the Pet Industry Network and was featured in Success Magazine, Forbes Magazine, and on the Grow Wire Show.

Gila is the author of Fur Covered Wisdom...A Dog Can Change the Way You See the World and the creator of the transformational program A.L.P.H.A. Reimagined, a transformational program for women. Her dog-centric approach to life and leadership is authentic and relatable. She utilizes her skills as a canine expert and compelling teacher to engage audiences and inspire people to “fetch a life worth barking about”.