Jan. 26, 2021

Modern Tarot Archetypes as a Self-Discovery Tool With Sara Holodnick

#024: Are you looking to expand your knowledge on Tarot cards? Today's guest has a new way to work with an old favorite. In this episode, Sara Holodnick (a.k.a. Sara Galactica) is here to shine her light on the use of tarot to guide your journey of self-understanding and to start your connection to something deeper. Sara's work is ever-evolving, but it always comes back to one thing: Supporting your journey of belonging to yourself and belonging to the earth.

Download your copy of Sara's Lunation Tarot Spread: https://saragalactica.ck.page/lightabovesolitude


Story Journey: A Yearlong Pilgrimage Into the Heart of the Tarot

The Nomad Guide to the Tarot (2nd edition)

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Sara Holodnick Profile Photo

Sara Holodnick

Writer, Artist, Oracle & Mystic

Sara Holodnick (a.k.a. Sara Galactica) is a Pacific Northwest-based writer, artist, oracle, and mystic. From barstools to sacred rituals, Sara has read Tarot for hundreds of people with her unique style that incorporates the wisdom of archetype, the insight of intuition, warm non-judgment, and a keen sense of humor.

Currently, Sara is guiding a group of fellow seekers through Story Journey: A Yearlong Pilgrimage Into the Heart of the Tarot while she creates a tarot deck! Sara is also the creator of The Sweet/Nothing Oracle Deck (out-of-print), and co-author of The Nomad Guide to the Tarot (2nd edition).