May 25, 2021

Releasing trapped pain and trauma from the body with Jessica DiNatale

#039: Do you suffer from chronic pain? Did you know that the pain you experience in your body can actually be a ripple effect of your emotions? Holistic health is just that, holistic. We must be willing to treat and care for all of ourselves... physical, mental, and emotional. Jessica DiNatale is back on the show to talk about her favorite energy healing modality, Emotion Code.

Jessica's previous episode on Inner Child Work and how to start healing from the past:



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Jessica DiNatale

Soul Over Matter, LLC

Jessica DiNatale is the owner and operator of Soul Over Matter, LLC. She is a Spiritual Life Mentor and Healer, who combines spirituality and the human perspective to help women unearth their soul's purpose through deep, inner healing. Her goal is simple: to offer intuitive insight that will illuminate subconscious blocks to personal fulfillment. Jessica's mission here on earth is to assist in transformational healing through the enlightenment of the heart, mind, body, and soul.