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Unique Insights

Kalia gives so much wisdom when looking into the experiences she and her peers have gone through. I love hearing her unique insights on what those experiences are meant to teach her and how to move forward with life after reflecting.

So insightful!

Kalia is great at sharing her stories and past experiences in a way that a broad spectrum of people can relate to and benefit from. Her guests always bring uplifting nuggets of inspiration and guidance to help us level up in all areas of life.


Light above Solitude is a refreshing take on illuminating your journey through life. We all have dark moments but with access to the right people and the right information, we can illuminate our personal path and see all the beauty around us.

Inspirational words

I love listening to Light Above Solitude. Kalia’s words are comforting, relatable and inspiring. I definitely will be following more of Kalia and feel the light and vibrations she is bringing to my world through her words. Additionally, Kalia’s voice is very relaxing, calming and soulful.

An awakening to mindfulness

A very delightful podcast that is helping me sort out life and my mind fullness. I enjoy listening to Kalia warm and loving voice. She was always puts a smile on my face. She is that slice of zen then I have been needing all my life.

Incredibly Insightful and Beautifully RAW! 🤍

I always love the messages and TRUTH that speak through Kalia. She is real and RAW about her story, and how she chooses to speak it... absolutely beautiful. Thank you for being YOU, and speaking for the silent souls; you're helping others step in, and it's so so incredible. Love it AND her!