Dec. 1, 2020

Welcome (officially) to Light Above Solitude || Introduction and what to expect

#016: I want to welcome you to the Light Above Solitude podcast’s official first episode!!... Or 16th... Today is an introduction to the podcast and what you can expect moving forward. From here forward, the podcast posting schedule will be Tuesday mornings at 5 am pacific. 

Our topics will include:  Overall Personal Development, Self Discovery, Light and Shadow Work, Mindset, Intentional Living, Emotional Wellness, Limiting Beliefs, and "New Age-y" stuff (such as crystals, the occult, working with the moon, and usage of herbs).

I am so excited to have you join me in this movement of womxn finding their own unique light and path in the world. Everything you need is in the Light Above Solitude. 

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Thank you so much for listening, 

Kalia, The Spiritual Dog Mom
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